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Writing a Killer "About Me"

By Soudfa's blog team

Writing your personal description does not have to be difficult and complicated. This is your opportunity to describe in your own voice what it would be like to have a real face-to-face conversation with you, and help people imagine what kind of person you are. When you browse a member’s profile, you would surely like to see a complete profile with a full personal description. If you need help writing a good description, follow the steps below.

The initial steps

  • First of all, use a word processing program such as Microsoft Word®. In this way you’re sure that you won’t suddenly lose the text you’ve written. It will also make sure that any wrong spelling or faulty grammar is eliminated.

  • Second, make a mind map over which themes you want to include in your description. This will give you an overview and help you structure your text in the best way possible. We’ll give you some suggestions as to which points to include in the next section.

  • Third, keep attention on details and examples. Your description should be shaped as an invitation to start a conversation and not an academic report. Demonstrate in the best way possible, who you are and what defines you as a person.

  • Fourth, be positive in your writing. The description is not used well as a “share your problems”-corner. We can only emphasize how important is is for your Soudfa experience that you present yourself as confident and optimistic.

What should you write?

We’ve collected some topics for you to write about in your profile. Of course it’s completely up to you if you should include them or not.

  • What makes you a great person? Include two characteristics or more and don’t forget to visualize them by giving some specific details or examples of your positive characteristics.

  • Write what you enjoy the most about your current activity and how it makes you feel.Topics could be things like your career, studies or family.

  • Share your plans for the near future. Are you starting a new project or are there some major changes in your life is coming up. Things like these are important to mention it in your description. And you never know, some of the members might have the same plans or dreams.

  • What do you bring to a relationship, and what will make being with you so special? Describe your level of commitment to a future relationship. How much are you willing to invest and what do you have to offer. You should of course focus on the benefits of being with you.