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Let There Be Conversation!

By Soudfa's blog team

Making conversation is, despite popular opinion, actually an art form. And as all forms of art, it can be acquired. And that is exactly what this blog article is about.

Yay! First contact has been made and communication has been established. Let the good times roll. But now the creeping fear hits you, because how on earth do you keep the online conversation alive, figuratively speaking what does it eat and how much water does it need?

First of all it can be hard to keep a conversation going, with a person you don't know. You really want to appear like the best person you can possibly be, which probably challenges your ability to think straight. We get it.

We’re here to help. Really it’s about two simple things: Conversation dynamics in the form of questions and interpersonal dynamic in the form of honesty. If you keep these to at heart and mind throughout your online matchmaking, you will be perfectly fit to find the one and only. And here’s why:

Ask them questions. It’s very few people in this world who doesn’t like to be the center of attention. Therefore you’d be wise to ask questions about your match. Keep the questions open and fun, it isn’t a job interview. And remember not to ask them something they have already answered in their profile.

At the same time it’s a good way to test your match. Should the conversation go back and forth a good while without the other person asking any questions about you, you should probably consider if it’s a good idea to continue. Because would you want to be with someone who is that self absorbed?

Honesty! Yes it’s the good old H-word. You are probably very well aware of it, but this whole online matchmaking process is with the goal to eventually meet in real life. It makes less than no sense, not to be absolutely honest about everything, that will be revealed in a physical meeting. If not, it will be an even more awkward first date.

We are all human and no humans are flawless. We can only advise you to embrace your flaws, accept them as a part of you, and use them to your own advantage. And how do you do that? Be open about them, and make jokes about them. It will probably make the person you’re talking to, more comfortable with their own flaws.

Follow these simple tips, and you should be on your way to many a happy and fruitful conversations. We wish you the best of luck.