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How to Handle Bad Dates

By Soudfa's blog team

It happens to all of us...

It might seem like pure magic while chatting online but when it comes to the real world, you may realize, it’s just not there. Here’s a little guide to make sure you get something out of a bad date.

We dread them almost as much as doing our taxes. The bad dates are for most of us the stuff nightmares are made of, we fear them maybe not as much as public speaking but almost.

And the worst thing is, that we know that they will be coming, and there’s almost no way we can ensure that, we will never find ourselves on one.

So with the knowledge about a more or less eminent doom, what do we do? We turn it into a positive experience. Maybe that, or a learning experience would be a more proper term.

There’s many things that can put you off with your date. Rudeness to the staff at the cafe or restaurant you’re at, or an ego that could cover the Pacific Ocean. The list could go on for quite a while.

As with so many things in life practice makes perfect. Going on dates as well. You should see a bad date as playing a video game on hard mode. Use it as a mean to gain some skills.

Should your date be a very quiet person, you can practice your conversational skills? Should your date turn out to be a blabbermouth that doesn’t let you get a word in, you can practice your listening skills.

When you’re having a bad date we know that the option that first pops into mind is getting up and leave. Especially if the situation is uncomfortable. We can’t stress enough that should you at any point feel unsafe, you should leave.

But should the date be survivable you should use it to practice your communication skills. Communication is the most valuable factor in a relationship, so you might as well practice on your bad date.

There is often nothing harder than communicating with people you don’t like that much, so if you can manage to get the conversation flowing on a bad date, you’re actually gaining some important experience.

We know it can be discouraging to go on bad dates, but not to worry, you will find that special someone. You’ll probably never talk to a happy couple where they haven’t had a few dodgy encounters before finding each other.