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First Date Nerves 101

By Soudfa's blog team

It’s go time! Your date is on but so is the all dominating nerves. We would like to help you with that, so here a little guide as to how to deal with the first date jitters.

Get to the bottom of it

Your mind is suddenly a complete black hole and your palms bear a striking resemblance to the river amazon. Yep, it’s nerves. You’re sort of panicking, totally spacing out of the date you’re in the middle of. But what to do? Well, first of all it isn’t the nerves that are making your mind blank and your palms sweaty, it’s the fact that you’re trying to hide your nervousness, that’s eating up all your energy. Simple as that.

Be the master of your nerves

So we’ve established the cause of the matter. Next up is how to master your nerves. Well, it’s quite simple, it took all your energy to hide your nerves, and what’s the opposite of hiding? It’s letting it show. So be open about your nervousness. After all if you didn’t feel anything you’d be emotionally numb or simply not attracted to your date, which would be even worse.

Be honest

You’ve now taken ownership of your nervousness and accepted it as a part of you, well done. To further develop this new your friendship with your nerves, you have to share their existence with your date. Tell him/her that you’re nervous. It’s completely okay, and if they can’t respect you for it, you probably shouldn’t be on that date anyway.

Embrace your nerves

We know it’s easier said than done, but think about it. It’s out in the open so use the nerves for your own advantage. Make jokes if you’re being clumsy, or using the wrong words. Making your date laugh is always good, as long as they laugh with you and not at you. If any luck you’re both nervous and you can help ease each other out a little.

Be focused

Now that your nerves are more or less out of the way, you can focus totally on your date. Be a good listener, ask questions and really get to know him or her better. In other words put all the energy that used to go into hiding your nerves into making the date as great as possible.

It’s normal to be nervous on the first day. Probably everyone is, so be at ease with it, accept it and work with it. You are the master of the nerves, so befriend them instead of fighting them. We wish you the best of luck!