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5 Signs She Likes You

By Soudfa's blog team

It's on like Donkey Kong! You’ve matched on Soudfa, so the initial interest is obviously there, but how do you actually figure out if she’s really into you? Here are 5 signs to go by:

1. She’s an emoji enthusiast

There’s no end to the amount of smileys she’s using in her messages. The entire pallet of cute and happy smileys are at her expense and she’s using every single one to show you, how you make her feel. This is needless to say this a very good sign.

2. You make her LOL

She LOLs, like a lot. She is showing you, that you make her feel happy and entertained by the things you’re sharing with her. The ability to make her laugh is one of the most important features when getting to know each other.

3. She responds instantly

You’ve hardly hit the send button before there’s a reply. It’s a clear sign she’s into you. She wants the conversation to continue for as long as humanly possible and makes sure that you don’t have the time to get engaged in other things.

4. She’s invested time in getting to know you

She has examined your profile in order to be properly prepared to engage in a conversation. She asks about your interests and, things you’ve written about in your profile and will probably also indicate that you have something in common. It’s on!

5. She wants to meet

Up to this point we can forgive you if you still have doubts as to whether she likes you or not. Women are after all more emotional intelligent than men. But if she wants to meet you in real life, there can be absolutely no doubt that she’s into you.