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Matching on the Go

By Soudfa's blog team

The gift of Soudfa amongst other things is that we’re with you everywhere. Even in your daily, rather boring commute. But sometimes something boring, can turn out rather amazing. It’s Monday once again and you’re on your way to work, sitting on the train or bus. Instead of reading the paper or the news online, why not log on to Soudfa and spend some time browsing around a little.

Who knows, maybe some of our other members are, just like you sitting on their way to work and need some distraction before starting their daily duties. The obligatory time you actually feel is wasted on the commute, could turn out to be the most important of your life.

You may just run into your special someone on Soudfa right there in the middle of your morning to-go coffee. And that is exactly why we pride ourselves with being available everywhere, all the time. Because we want you to get the most out of your time.

Finding love should never be contained to certain places or time, but should be a venture, that you can enjoy whenever it suits you.

So let’s imagine this. You’ve decided to give Soudfa a go on your way to work, and suddenly you have a match followed by a message. It turns out him or her, has had the same idea as you. Great conversation starter, eh?

You have the time to chat a little before you reach your respective destinations. The conversation flows easily and the chemistry is definitely there. It turns out you actually live in the same city, who would have thought?

The conversation starts to become a morning ritual between the two of you, and you get to know each other better and better. After several weeks of chatting you finally work up the nerve to ask them out.

As it turns out you’re both actually free after work, so you decide to meet for coffee, when you’re both off. Time usually goes a little slower on a Monday, but with the upcoming date in sight it’s even worse.

Finally you’re off and heading to the cafe you agreed upon. Maybe you’re feeling a little nervous? Well, that’s probably a good thing. You meet and the chemistry is still good and the conversation is even better in real life. And just like that the fairytale has begun.

Don’t worry about the whole “Oh, we met online”-thing, you can without even lying tell your friends and family, that you met on the train. That’s Soudfa magic.