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How Effective Is Online Marriage?

By Soudfa's blog team

We always encourage a healthy amount of scepticism when entering new scenarios. In this article we’ll tell you a little bit about the effectiveness of searching online for marriage, zawaj, and misyar.

It might resemble the scenario of walking along a road, trying to hitchhike a ride to a specific destination. Cars keep passing and passing but just not the one who can take you all the way to your destination. We can understand it may seem like that when looking at it from the outside.

We are not in the business of correcting people, but if you are of this opinion, we must tell you, that you are wrong. Everyday we are contacted by members who happily tell us, that they have now found the one and only on Soudfa and zawaj is being planned.

The fact that online zawaj isn’t a serious way of finding happiness, is a modern day myth. More and more people all over the world are meeting online and end up spending the rest of their blessed life together. We are aware that there are stories going around about scammers and other bad seeds, but the amount of bad people on today’s zawaj websites is actually rather minimal.

The fact of the matter is that all companies who work with online marriage have an extremely effective security system that pick out and neutralize people with bad intentions long before they ever get the chance to do any harm to the good people who are looking for the love of their life online.

91 million people worldwide are using online nikah as a method of finding true love. What are the odds of that many people being wrong? It wouldn’t be far off to say that online nikah over a certain period of time have become the most effective tool when you want to experience the happiness of zawaj.

In our muslim faith there’s a lot of tradition when it comes to zawaj and how we meet the one we shall spend our blissful life with. Naturally there’s been a clash with these traditions as online matchmaking has entered the scene as a legitimate way of finding the perfect nikah.

Here at Soudfa we firmly believe that the old and new ways can in fact compliment each other. We believe that if you wish so, your family can play a part and actually help you in your online quest for zawaj. After all who wouldn’t like the help and support of their family when it comes to such a great matter as this?