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How to Tell Your Family About Your Online Relationship

By Soudfa's blog team

You know it’s unconventional, but you’ve found the love of your life on the internet. But how do you tell your family?

So turning your back on the traditions is hard enough as it is. Even if your family are rather open minded it might be somewhat of a challenge for them to accept, that you have found your future spouse online. And who can blame them? The traditions have worked perfectly well through the elder generations.

It’s a brave new world out there. The internet enables us to meet and communicate with people far beyond the borders of our country. It can probably seem ludicrous and scary to the older generations, but why not use the tools at hand to find your happiness?

Obviously you’ve kept it low key so far, but now lightning has struck and you’ve found the one you want to marry. It’s time to break the news to your family. Of course you could just tell them that a friend introduced you to the given person, and don’t sweat the whole online thing.

On the other hand honesty has always been the best road to travel. And it would probably be best if your nikah didn’t start by you telling your family a lie. But how do you convince your family that this is the real deal?

Well, it’s probably about being as fact based as possible. Show them that you’ve done all possible research the conventional style. Followed procedures as they would have done and taken your time to really get to know the other person before deciding to get married.

The better prepared your are for the sort of criticism and questions, which may arise, the better. Remember, their number one concern will always be that you enter at good marriage, with the best spouse possible.

The old ways are not incompatible with the new. Let your family participate as they would have, had you gone by it the traditional way. Their acceptance will most likely be favoured by such a gesture on your behalf. If you try to look at it objectively, finding the one online may not differ that much from the traditional ways, it’s only the medium that has changed.