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How to Impress Your Family in Law

By Soudfa's blog team

So, you’re meeting the family in law? Like every single person in history, you want to make a good impression. We’ve created this little guide, to get you safely through and secure you a happy nikah.

1. No false impressions

It’s as easy as 1-2-3. We know you want to make a good impression, but talking the talk when you’re not really fit to walk the walk is usually a pretty bad idea. Even if it’s in the best of intentions it could end up causing a lot of trouble later on in your zawaj.

2. No criticism of your better half

No, no no. And no again. This cannot be stressed enough. Do not criticise your better half in front of his or her family. Nobody wants to hear a person outside the family criticise their kid. A happy nikah depends on a good relationship with your in laws. So don’t mention bad habits as too much smoking or lack of exercise.

3. Don’t talk about feelings

They really don’t care whether you’re head over heels in love or not. Save all that for your friends. There’s a natural barrier as to what you should share with your family in law, and you just met it. Be sure to respect it, no matter the circumstances. To respect this is to respect your zawaj.

4. No talking of the past

It’s quite simple. Everything leading up to where you’re at right now doesn’t have any relevance whatsoever. You’re only existing in the eyes of your family in law due to your relation to their kind. Your zawaj is a brand new start, so don’t bring any unnecessary baggage into it.

5. Don’t talk about your family

Yes, your family matters, but there’s no reason for you to talk about them to your family in law. They’ll get the chance to meet them soon enough, so let your family do the talking themselves on that occasion. Instead focus on getting to know your family in law instead. The road to a happy nikah goes through understanding your family in law.

6. Establishing your family

Where are you going to live after the wedding? Well, first of all, that’s a discussion between you and your future spouse, after all it’s your zawaj. Should the question come upon meeting the family in law, then let your future better half do the talking, when it comes to telling them your decision.

7. Keep the peace

Silence could be gold when you meet the family in law. Even if words are spoken where you might disagree this it not the time nor the place to spark a discussion. Even if you find it hard to hold your tongue, remember how it will reflect upon your partner and your future nikah.