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7 Ways to Know You’re in Love

By Soudfa's blog team

So did you strike gold on Soudfa? You matched with a person and interests and messages has been flying back and forth. The butterflies are starting to buzz around, but are you in love?

We’re bringing you seven telltales to know if you’re head over heels with that special someone. Do you have a pen and paper ready? Then here we go!

1. Remember that cute puppy, you saw on your way to work? Normally you would think about how happy it made you, now the only thing on your mind how happy the picture you took and sent of the cute thing will make that special someone.

2. You catch yourself running around with a silly grin on your face, checking the Soudfa app all the time. As if that wasn't enough, you’re singing the same love song, undoubtedly irritating your surroundings.

3. Yep, you’re being unfair, totally unreasonable and to be precise quite annoying and for some insane reason it doesn’t change a single thing as to how the other part feels about you. Soudfa love is indeed a curious thing.

4. When it comes to any one else, your patience is rather limited and you definitely don’t like other people teaching you stuff, but somehow when it comes to your Soudfa partner, you have all the patience in the world, and you love it, when they teach you new things.

5. Somehow their weirdness is rather appealing to you. You simply adore that they really don’t have a clue about how to act on the dance floor, not surprising they mentioned dancing skills on Soudfa. You think it’s rather fantastic how they despise certain dishes and how they talk about famous people like they are actually close friends.

6. You simply love the sound of their voice. It quite frankly doesn't matter what they’re babbling on about, they’ll have your ear. This also includes rather bad singing in the shower and an uninteresting monologue about how their co-worker annoys them with the tapping of pencils.

7. Monday can suddenly be the best day of the week, because you have a date with that special person. Waking up with a slick smirk on you face on a Monday means love. Your co-workers envy your apparent enthusiasm and your employer is a happy camper.