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7 Tips to a Long Lasting Healthy Relationship

By Soudfa's blog team

We never said love was easy. But if you're conscious about how you can nourish your relationship as mush as possible, you have already come a long way. Here is some inspiration on how you make a relationship last forever:

1. Be an active participant in each others lives

How well do you know your partner and how open are you with each other? Friendship and intimacy is what keeps a relationship strong. Couples who know each other very well are better equipped to handle conflict and arguments. That is why it is important that you communicate with your partner and share facts about your feelings and challenges.

2. Show affection and respect

Caring and respect can help any relationship through any trouble. Remind each other about the moments you had when you just met, the first talks and laughs and how you tried to impress each other. The memories will certainly bring a smile and make you feel more connected.

3. Help one another

A relationship implies the challenges of everyday life where there is not enough time for romance. Support each other on a daily basis, help with the house work or shop together. Ask each other how the day went when you meet in the evening, keep eye contact, listen and show sympathy.

4. Listen to your partner and let yourself be influenced

Some are difficult to accept the other’s feedback and they show their opposition directly or indirectly. For example, by purchasing a new car without first discussing it with their life partner or inviting people over without taking in consideration the partner’s plans. It is important to learn emotional intelligence and that sometimes one has to give in in order to win in the long run.

5. Search compromises

Start the discussion soft. Hard confrontation leads to nowhere. Reassure each other, try to find a compromise and be tolerant of each other's deficiencies. The key to all conflict resolutions is to accept each other's personalities.  

6. Learn to live with conflict

When there are no solutions to a conflict, it is often because the issue is related to a partner's deepest desires and needs. In a strong relationship, partners help each other to achieve their life goals, without necessarily having to share the same dreams. Remember that the differences will always be present in your relationship.

7. Create shared experiences

It is important to take time to prioritize the relationship, if the relationship should grow and become more mature. Rituals such as eating dinner together every night, without the TV running in the background for example is a small gesture but an action that strengthens the relationship.