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How to Tell If He Is Falling in Love with You

By a blog participant

Falling in love is a wonderful thing. Love can be expressed in many different ways because it has no set definition. It is a feeling, it is a mood and it is a different way of thinking about someone. When you love someone, you invest so much time and effort into that person. Love does not always need to be expressed as "I love you". To all girls, especially singles, if you have been wondering if someone you care about, loves you. It can sometimes be hard to figure it out; we will introduce you to some signs to help you know if he is falling in love with you or not. 

First: He remembers what you say

A person that is in love listens to the one he loves and remembers what she says and all the things related to her. He will listen carefully and respond accordingly. Of course guys and people in general are likely to forget things including past conversation. But if he remembers important things related to you, then he is obviously paying attention to the conversation you had together. 

Second: Treat you with respect 

When a man feels as though he has found his soulmate, he will naturally do everything he can to make you feel comfortable. In fact, he will treat you with respect. There are many ways he can make you feel comfortable. If you notice, he will listen to you and care about what's going on your life. That means he will ask about your day and what is going on in your life. If he truly is interested in what you are doing as a person, he values you as a person. Asking these things shows he honestly cares about you.

Third: Makes you a part of his life

Making you a part of his life if he is talking about your future together, by mentioning what a great mom you would be as the mother of his children. This is sure a sign dear. Furthermore, if he let everyone knows you are a couple, he is deeply in love with you. As far as he is concerned, you are the plan. The life you two will spend together is all the planning he is talking about.  

Fourth: Stay in contact with you  

If someone barely talk to you and only talk to you once a week and barely has something to say, that is probably not a good sign. But when you are away from him and he keeps texting all the time, that means he can't get you out of his mind. A guy who loves you, wants to spend time with you. If he makes time for you and spend his time talking with you, he is probably in love with you. 

Fifth: He opens up to you

When a man tries to communicate with a woman and asks her deeper questions and also reveals a bit about himself, is a way to make a woman feel comfortable in your presence. When talking to her, tell her personal stories about your life. The more emotionally deep stories you tell her about you, the more you are making it clear for her that you are willing to give her insight into your life. And you truly want to connect to her, something you make possible by sharing stories about yourself with her.

To all singles do not make fast conclusion about someone’s love for you. Take your time to figure it out. Realize that some men can have trouble verbalizing their emotions. Instead look at these signs because some men likes to show their feeling.