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Holiday Tips for Married Couples

By Soudfa's blog team

On the morning of Eid, the rhythmic recitation starts with acclamation and exclaiming God is the great. God gave us this great gift a merciful and kind full holiday. It is days of joy and pleasure hanging over all family members and including spouses. On this day exceeds the couple's soul with peaceful settlement, and their hearts meet together. Life and happiness fluttering in the house with a sense of friendliness and tolerance, love and joy. In fact, the concept and meaning of Eid come true. Eid may be for someone a spark of controversies flame, particularly on the morning of Eid due to the pressure in time and dispersion in mind when preparing for the holiday. The soul become angry and the joy of this holiday turns into fight. God has set up Eid for joy and not for sadness or struggle. For a happier Eid here are some tips for the housewife.

Preparation before the Eid

  1. Arrange particular stuff relating going out with your family a few days before. You can prepare your children and husband clothes, and arrange everything and put them in a place close and appropriate.
  2. Arrange your home before the Eid to reduce the time you are going to spend in arranging before leaving.
  3. Make sure to go to bed early you and your family before the day of Eid as far as possible to wake up early, energetic and in a good mood.
  4. Increase your asking for forgiveness from god after the dawn prayer.
  5. Prepare some dates for your husband and children for eating, before going out to the Eid prayer following the Sunnah of the prophet peace be upon him. You can also prepare a plate of sweets or milk or tea, as you prefer.

Preparations for Eid morning

  1. Wake up your husband and children then go to the mosque to attend the Eid prayer and listen to the sermon.
  2. Divide your days, if one of your families are committed to a certain tradition on the first day of Eid by a reception for eating breakfast or lunch or a meeting. Make sure to give this commitment your first priority. Then you can spend the rest of the day with the other family.
  3. Gather your families together to create a new special tradition. You can invite your families for breakfast together and spend some quality time in the first day of Eid al-adha.
  4. Prepare greeting cards for the holiday. Then write on it expressible lines of joyfulness and thankfulness, for your husband presence, and what he has done.
  5. Spend the second day of Eid with your husband and children with in the nature. You can prepare some surprises, competition and barbecue.
  6. Spend quality time with your husband. Do not forgot yourself during your business in the routine of the two families. However, you have to take advantage of the holiday vacation to spend some time to practice fun activities or to go to a place you both love or to discover a new place.

You cannot satisfy everyone but keep in mind always that point your families has to understand that your time are divided between both sides. Therefore, devote time for both families and make sure to commit to it. Try as much as possible to make these days filled with happiness and joy, and do not discuss or make what will disturb this holiday.