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Password Security

By Soudfa's blog team

Your account on Soudfa contains various information about you and quite a lot of your personal data. Therefore, access to it should be restricted to you and you only. The password is the first line of defence to prevent any thief or hostile intruder from accessing your account. Choosing a strong password is the first step to your account’s safety. Sometimes scammers steal your account and obtain your personal information to blackmail you or fraud others using your identity. Therefore, we highly suggest that you put a lot of effort into selecting the strongest password possible.

Password Instructions

▫️The first criteria for a good password is that it should obviously be difficult to decode. It should be composed of at least 6 characters and symbols including a variety of letters, numbers and signs (signs such us % # @&).

▫️You should have different passwords for each website, application or device you use. In that way if one password is discovered, the rest your accounts or devices will not be affected. Do not use the same password for different accounts, it could be very dangerous.

▫️Change your password immediately if you suspect that someone has been able to decode it or if you have noticed any strange activity on your account. The new password should be stronger and completely different from the old one.

▫️Even the best and safest of password is utterly useless if you cannot remember it. Needless to say, you should choose a password, which will not get lost in your mind, so be creative and find one that works for you. If you forget your password on Soudfa, you can always retrieve it by clicking on the link "Forgot Password?” next to the login area. A password reminder will be sent to the email address you used to setup your Soudfa account.

What to avoid regarding the password

▫️Easy guessable passwords, for example: Your name, birthdate or phone number. As well as common words or codes such as a sequence of numbers from one to nine or the first letters on the keyboard.

▫️Sharing your password with others. Never ever share your password with anyone else, no matter what. Some members give login details to their account to other members as a sign of honesty and transparency. We strongly suggest that you never share your password. Furthermore you should never send your password to a website or any other party should they claim that they need it for a certain process. No real website will ever ask you to give them your password. Always keep in mind that your password is secret and personal and should always remain that way.

In case of account invasion

If your account has been accessed by somebody else, you should contact the administration immediately to have an identity check. If your account password is the same as your email account password, you have to change that right away as well to prevent the intruder from accessing more of your personal data.