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Why Being Married Is Better Than Being Single

By Soudfa's blog team

Single girls live for a period alone and they enjoy it. Meeting new people, going out to new places. However, with time and after some years, the bachelor girl begins to feel lonely, especially when her friends start getting married. The single woman starts feeling that her life is empty and she desires to have a partner to spend the rest of her life with.

In fact, marriage is an important commitment to make in life. Many singles are afraid of the idea of being committed to someone. However, a matrimony relationship is without any doubt one of the best commitments. Getting married with the person that completes you, shares the good and the bad of your life is a blessing that give couples with the power to progress.

Here is why marrying who you love, makes your life better and healthier:

1. Marriage makes you a better person

Marrying who you love will make you a happier and better person. Marrying someone who loves you will fulfill your life with happiness, as they will try the impossible to make you happy. Probably in your relationship, you may go through days with some disagreements with your partner, but your partner will inevitably find a way to end the conflict and make you happier. Marrying who you love will boost you with positive energy, to become a better person by giving you motivation.

2. Marriage gives you a companion in your life

There is nothing nicer than having your life partner and the love of your life by your side as a friend. Being in a relationship means, you have someone to hang out with. Surely having a partner who you love as a companion is much better than being alone. A companion is after all a faithful friend who cares about you and is supportive in every aspects of life, the good times and the hours of need. They are able to understand what you are going through and provides the necessary support when needed.

3. You learn to participate

Once you are married, it is an opportunity to form a solid family. It means you have to share the living through this holy bond. Couples build a balanced unit by sharing a living space, dinner plans and nights out with the friends and family. This makes you a better person because you are showing love, you are showing flexibility, and you are showing that you care enough to work together. A bonus is that this talent will come in handy in other areas of your life to build your future with confidence and ease.

4. Having combined goals

When married your finances become one and your goals are one, they perform as a unit. Married people perform better with their career and financial goals than single people. The goals are a lot more responsible like moving into a larger place, family planning and investing for your future. In addition, there can never be more satisfaction than sharing the happiness of achieving these goals with your partner.

5. Lower your stress level

Having your life partner by your side means you have someone to carry some of the weight in your life. If you are having a busy day, your partner can help out with the household chores when you get home. If someone is bothering you, you will find your partner a good listener to talk with. In fact, being in a relationship has proven to lower the production of the stress hormones.